Dirty birds in California

the bane of my life
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Monday morning rolls around and the plumber actually gets the 500 lb cast iron tub INTO the bathroom (we had to destroooy the door frame to create enough clearance) and plumbs the toilet and sink. So, the good news is we have a new, pretty toilet and sink in our one-bathroom house.

And that leads to the supremely bad news – see how that riser pipe is leaning to the right? It’s NOT SUPPOSED to lean to the right, it’s supposed to be straight. So…the plumber won’t plumb the tub because he thinks that the faucet is not made for the tub and the place we bought it from (btw, their customer service department is totally on my naughty list) says the plumber put the faucet on incorrectly. Sounds easy enough, right? It took HOURS of phone calls yesterday to arrive at this conclusion.  And now the plumber is busy with other people’s emergencies and that leaves us showerless and smelly. Seriously, you should see my hair after a week of no showers.

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