Cutest bookends EVER and other doings

cutest bookends ever
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  • Chris & Mendy sent these bookends for my birthday. I can’t decide where to put them – no place in the house seems quite worthy of the cuteness…when I decide (finally), I’ll put up pictures.
  • Speaking of pictures, the screen on our digital camera suddenly died without warning. We’re going to do a fair amount of traveling in next couple of months. So. Any recommendations on digital cameras? We want a little more functionality than we have had in the past but of course don’t want to pay TOO much.
  • Happy birthday to my DAD today! He is 54. I think. Regardless, he is awfully good-looking. May I look as good at 54. Please.
  • Finally, I leave to go to Hood to Coast in Portland here in just a bit. As RaChelle knows, I have been a bit stressy about the whole thing this year. Actually a little disappointed about lack of injuries on my part. Was really hoping for something that would have effectively put me out of commission yet did not hurt too much. Alas, my flight boards in about two hours so I doubt anything will befall me on the way to the airport.
  • While I am gone, Telfer will be working of course, but also indulging in movies I won’t watch (namely, Mad Max and the Road Warrior). Mel Gibson movies from the 1970s? No thank you.

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owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

5 thoughts on “Cutest bookends EVER and other doings

  1. Chris and Mendy definitely win the award for best daughter-in-law gift… those bookends are adorable! Good luck with Hood to Coast.


  2. Hood to Coast already?!? It seems like you and RaChelle just ran it and your whole toe thingy. How exciting… I have always wanted to run it, having heard about it all throughout middle and high school. But, you would know better what I would be in for if I dare try it:)


  3. i can totally relate with the whole injury that doesn’t hurt thing. in fact, I would be running the hood to coast race myself if it weren’t for this really dangerous lung disease that flares up when i run. i think it’s called “totallius out of shapeus.” or something like that.


  4. I got my digital camera from Costco. not too expensive…and they’re really good about returning stuff… love you


  5. Those ARE the cutest bookends – totally Andrea! You get the award this year… 🙂
    Glad Hood to Coast is over and you survived and had a much better time doing it than you thought you would….Love you, Honey….Mom


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