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So I disconnected for Thanksgiving weekend and then found on Monday, my, my, do I have a lot to catch up on.

We were honored to have Amanda and her Yakima-based parents (Rex & Carolyn) as well as Michael, a friend and former colleague of mine, over for Thanksgiving dinner. The Thanksgiving meal is by far, one of my favorite conglomerations of food and this year did not disappoint. The food and conversation were above average and we thoroughly enjoyed the day.

See our Foodie Friends blog for more food comments (hopefully tonight I’ll post?).

Telfer did NOT get called in to the hospital on Thursday or Friday, so as you can imagine, I was very thankful. We did stay home on Friday as well, just in case he was called in. What a trial. We had apple pie for breakfast, read by the fire, watched a movie, took a walk and then had leftovers.

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3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving…

  1. What a Thanksgiving feast! We enjoyed every morsel, meeting a new friend, and hospitality reserved for Royalty. Thank you for a holiday that will be remembered a life time. You both really out did yourselves; everything was greatly appreciated. I also learned while Telfer took up anethesiology instead of surgery after watching him carve the turkey. The way it was cut did not effect the taste of the bird at all. Telfer actually did a great job being 2nd in command of the kitchen and master pie maker.


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