Passing in a blur

official oscar ballots
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  • I shamelessly stole the picture below from Jason and Missy’s blog. They stopped by the LA area en route to Hawaii last weekend and we got to spend oh, about 14 hours with them? So fun. Telfer and I think we should be neighbors with the Smalls.
  • Telfer had an anesthesia conference in Rancho Mirage and I tagged along. While he conferenced, I tanned by the really fancy pool. So not a bad deal.
  • Last week was weird. It was not my favorite week BUT it’s over.
  • Classically, we tried to do way too much on Saturday. Telfer worked Friday night and got exactly 0 hours of sleep. So what did we try to do in one day? I left the house at 6:40 to pick up my tired husband, I drove us out to Orange County to get our car serviced, we visited Telfer’s grandparents in Long Beach and then tried to attend an NNU alumni event at the Getty. Meanwhile, Telfer’s falls asleep in the car, then on the dealership’s couch, again in the car, and was really fighting sleep at the grandparents…Needless to say, we missed the NNU event. So sad, but what can you do?
  • Sunday was just a lazy day. I have had a cold for most of the week and so I just lazed about. We did manage to watch part of the Oscars (before Telfer left for work again). This year I was triumphant in our Oscar party of two. Won the $20 and bought two books to celebrate (a YA novel and a memoir).

missy and jason at our house
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