Triangle of death

My book club is reading Fateful Harvest by Duff Wilson, a small town in Washington, big company, polluting the environment, making people sick sort of journalistic expose. I hope no one from my book club reads this because the writing is not my favorite. A little overly dramatic.

Anyway, so I am dropping off to sleep last night but this mention of Hermiston, Oregon woke me up and made me laugh: "…in sagebrush land some people called the ‘triangle of death’ – bounded by the Umatilla Army Depot, the Arlington, Oregon, dangerous-waste landfill, and the Hanford Nuclear Reservation."

I was born in Hermiston, my dad has worked at both the Umatilla Army Depot and the Hanford site, and I went to Hanford High. So, basically I come from the triangle of death.

Published by Andrea Y. Griffith

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3 thoughts on “Triangle of death

  1. But the “triangle of death” was also home to the Wheatland Dairy Cafe, was it not? Ideally located between my parents’ and my grandparents’ to exchange children on summer weeks to visit the grandparents? Complete with hundreds (slight estimate) of hard ice cream choices and phone booth out of which my small brother would pop occasionally and declare, “This is a time for Superman?” If so, I think the “triangle of death” is actually the “triangle of delicious things.”


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