My favorite thing of the moment

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First of all, this is NOT a picture of me.

I do realize that this post will be of limited interest but my 22-week pregnant self can’t stop talking about the BellaBand. I am seriously still wearing all of my old pants.* Basically, it’s a stretchy band of fabric that you arrange over your unbuttoned pants…genius! It stays in place and just looks like you’re wearing an extra layer or a long tanktop. Best $30 I have ever spent.

* In full disclosure, I did put away my tightest pair of jeans last weekend…don’t want to look like a pregnant hootchie.

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owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

3 thoughts on “My favorite thing of the moment

  1. I totally agree! During my first pregnancy, I thought, “what a gimmick.” Then, during my 2nd pregnancy, I’d planned to wear these great pants to a Christmas party and when, oops, they were already too small, I rushed out and bought one. I wore it the whole pregnancy and after (to cinch up my clothes that were too big)! I think it’s finally retired for this go ’round!
    P.S. People should pay you to advertise their products!


  2. Ooooh! I will have to get one next time! perfect for the in between time when my old pants don’t fit and my maternity pants wont stay up yet! 🙂


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