Pantry Organization

the bliss of organization
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On my visit last month to D.C., the organizational state of Missy’s food staples and spices left me in awe. She has her pasta, rice, etc. in containers, and yes, they are labeled. We discussed the overwhelmingly positive merits of this system and how really, the cost of the containers is recouped in a few short months because of the money saved on groceries. For example, I had THREE opened bags of orzo in my chaotic pantry. No longer.

I purchased the plastic containers on a trip to Ikea and then had a little too much fun pouring the contents of various foodstuffs into the containers. And then I labeled everything. For the first week or so after I completed this project, I would open my pantry and just sort of hang out with my pretty containers of orzo, lentils and brown rice.

This isn’t a very good photo as our little pantry is in an odd, tight location and I had to wedge myself into a corner to get this shot of one shelf (there are more containers on other shelves)…

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3 thoughts on “Pantry Organization

  1. I can TOTALLY empathize with the joy that comes from simply hanging out with organized containers in a pantry. Even now the world feels at peace when I open my prettily labled cabinet up. Yours is SO lovely.


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