Our little traveller

Cate in her oft repeated Thanksgiving outfit
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I have been a little negligent in posting this week. It's been a strange one. Telfer is really busy at work, we've had trauma/drama with cars, but mostly, my days slip by, busy with feedings, naps, laundry, baths, poopy diapers and a smiley, darling baby.

Also, I have been preoccupied with decorating for Christmas. I love decorating for Christmas but what used to take me one day now took three. The baby is certainly one reason, but I became obsessed with making button garlands (I got the idea in my favorite home store in Richland while shopping with Mom). Literally, I spent every spare moment for three days threading buttons on thin wire. Ridiculous but! the little tree in our library looks so cute. I will post pictures soon.

Our Washington Thanksgiving trip was such a success. Cate was a successful traveller, conking out at every available opportunity. Her parents even caught up on issues of the New Yorker and The Week. On our first flight, the passenger sitting next to Telfer didn't even realize we were traveling with a baby for quite some time…Even if she is a horrible frequent flyer in the future, we will look back on her first flight with fondness.

In Olympia, Cate met her Aunt Claire, Uncle Nate, and Aunt Eleanor for the first time. She approved. RaChelle drove down from Vancouver to meet Cate while we were in Olympia. So fun. The two of us went to coffee to chat and mini-celebrate RaChelle's 30th birthday. We then spent Thanksgiving In Richland at my parent's house (my mom's Thanksgiving dinner is still my favorite). Cate met her Papa, Uncle Nate (yes, she has two), and cousins Eden and Cora for the first time. She approved of them too. How blessed is this baby to have two sets of loving grandparents and a host of wonderful aunts, uncles and cousins? This is a blessing we certainly don't take for granted.

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One thought on “Our little traveller

  1. Well said, Andrea…appreciate your words…and your wisdom…YOU and Telfer are such a blessing to our hearts…I wish I could see your decorations….I’m sure they are beautiful and you will enjoy them for the month! Love you….MOM


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