New beginnings

g diapers!
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Thankfully, things have been SO much better since my last post. We are chalking up a few bad nights to a three month "growth spurt." A reason, any reason, makes me feel better. A few nights ago, I was up nine different times with Cate, Henry threw up all over the bed, and then Telfer came home at 3:30 a.m. Not conducive to sleep by any means but the worst seems to be over for now.

This week has been a flurry of putting away Christmas decorations (and deciding what we will take to New York versus what needs to be packed well), cleaning and organizing. I start work again on Monday. I will be working from home twenty hours a week. I am going to work mostly in our little library while Cate is asleep (God-willing). This week I have spruced up the room a little: added more lighting, set up a charging station that Alyssa got Telfer for Christmas (so cute), and put together a little work area for myself. I bought a little red chest of drawers from Ikea to store a lot of my work materials in – the amazing part of this story is that I actually put it together myself. I am HORRIBLE at visual directions (versus written) and Telfer has always had to do all of this type of thing. But I did it myself. It looks so cute – I am still not over my childish fascination with multiple little drawers…

little drawers!
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Note: Cate's little bum is very cute of course, but that's not the only reason I took this picture. I tried out gdiapers this week. They are a great concept – the liner is flushable and so they are environmentally friendly AND they are extremely cute. But…they are pretty messy and I had to change her every two hours for sure or she would wet or poop right through them. The verdict is still out…

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4 thoughts on “New beginnings

  1. I LOVE those red drawers!! Are they metal? Cate is looking mighty adorable these days and I love her little g-bum. Will be praying for you as you begin work tomorrow. I will not call and bug you…maybe you can call me when you can talk? Since I am always home…Love you!


  2. G is good but go wild, go cloth! 🙂 You’ll get used to them and those sorts of things have a learning curve so give it some time. Think how much good you’re doing for Cate by giving her a better Earth. And you’re saving money which you can spend on other things, like books… Best of all, cloth diaper babies potty train earlier! Let me know if I can help, I am the cloth diaper pro for what its worth.


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