Late January Doings

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Another week of work zips by and I am so thankful that I have nothing else on my plate. Working twenty hours plus Cate is enough. My mom and I were talking about how naughty Henry is on his walks and Mom mentioned taking Henry to obedience school before our impending move to NYC. Um…And then we both laughed. Not sure I can fit one more thing in…

In other news, interview season has concluded and I am seeing so much more of Telfer…and I like it! He works tonight but has Saturday AND Sunday off. We even have a babysitter lined up for tomorrow night to go to see a movie (Slumdog Millionaire – has anyone else seen it?). Also, big news: I got Cate to laugh, really laugh, today. It involved lots of simulated arm movements and the word "go". Whatever works, right?

My Feist-love continues – and I am anticipating the day when Sesame Street is on regularly at our house. I have watched this so many times this week it's ridiculous:

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5 thoughts on “Late January Doings

  1. Slumdog is fabulous. The cinematography is wonderful (it captures both old and new Mumbai and overall the sights and spirit of India). The plot is ingenious although you have to get by some relatively harsh opening scenes and others scattered throughout. You will enjoy it!


  2. How was the hot date? (Thank you Jason for the review – this is one on my list too!). Hope to talk to you this week! Love you (and Henry despite his naughtiness)…


  3. Alyce and Eleanor watched this countless times over Christmas and I got to participate on a few occasions. I don’t think we ever tired of it.


  4. did i tell you about that video, or did you already know about it? i think it’s alyce’s favorite.
    two things alyce and cate already have in common:
    – repeated exposure to this song/Feist
    – fat-ness (bodes well for future health)


  5. We still watch this over and over with Alyce and she LOVES it!!!!!! 🙂 you should see her cute little dance she always does to the music!


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