Packing up

sitting up!
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A rare post from Telfer: We are still here and alive! The past few months have gone by in a blur and it seems all nights and weekends have been busy and filled up weeks in advance. We had the pleasure of a visit and Disneyland trip from/with Andrea’s sister Alyssa, along with her husband Nate and their three girls Eden, Cora, and Neva. It was so much fun and Cate got her first mickey and loved “its a small world” (and “pirates” for that matter!). Last weekend we got to take a trip to Monterey for the annual CSA meeting (california society of anesthesiologists) and we had such a good time in part due to fond memories of going there for techie library conferences for Andrea in years past. This weekend is yard sale time and next weekend its time to move out! I’m not really pulling my weight (haven’t packed a box yet) but I am helping when I get home with moving boxes around and outside etc – it is quite the endeavor as those of you who have recently moved can attest.

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