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Don't worry about us…

We have finally finished Phase One of the Griffith Move 2009 – packing up our house in Redlands. The process was more than a little heartbreaking for me…I loved my house and could imagine living in it until we headed to the nursing home. What can you do? 

Moving details: We had a PODS delivered in our back alley lot (pictures on the flickr link) where we stacked our belongings (can you say BOOKS?) that we won't need for a year. And then a semi-trailer was delivered to the front of our house to load our NYC-bound belongings. The truck is somewhere in middle America by now, on its way to a warehouse in New Jersey until we actually get to NYC.

People keep asking if we hired movers. Telfer's response: who needs movers when you have Andrea? Telfer packed maybe three boxes…maybe? And not because he was watching the NBA playoffs. He has been swamped at work and his chief resident responsibilities which left me to tie up a lot of our loose ends. Everything was just a little bit overwhelming (hence the lack of posts). Thank the Lord for the exersaucer!

We are now one week into Phase II: Homelessness. Thankfully, Elizabeth flew down to Ontario to drive up to Washington with me (and Cate and Henry). How did I think I could drive 1400 miles with a dog and a baby by myself? She was just a little bit invaluable. We even took an unscheduled detour to Cannon Beach for one night…so fun.

Telfer is finishing up his residency at Loma Linda and staying with friends and housesitting while Cate and Henry and I are enjoyably dividing our time between Tri-Cities and Olympia. Two more weeks until NYC… I am excited of course but mostly so relieved that the packing and the moving and the stress is over.

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3 thoughts on “Alive

  1. hi! so glad to hear where you are–we’ve been wondering how things are going and where exactly in the world you are these days! jason said tonight, “i think it would be really fun to go visit the griffiths in new york.” so when you need help unpacking, well, you know who to call!


  2. Thanks for the update! I am so impressed with you. this is definitely one of those times you will look back on and say “how in the world did we do that?” But you did. So excited for you guys!


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