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Poor Henry. This picture perfectly captures his (long) adjustment to life in NYC. He's doing a little better this week. If the day is normal, Cate and I walk him in the morning and Telfer walks him in the evening. We live literally a block from Riverside Park with a beautiful promenade and a dog run. There are so many dogs here in the city…

Cate is doing great. She is sleeping completely through the night (7 to 7) and I am like a new person. She loves all the attention she gets on the street and makes new friends everywhere we go.

I am finally decompressing. It's so nice to have such a slow-down but strangely off-putting. I have been buried in novels, rereading the Morningside Heights trilogy (takes place in our neighborhood) when Cate is napping and walking all over the neighborhood when she's awake. I love it here. I love the walking, the grocery stores, hotdogs, the church we are attending, the bagels, the food delivery, and the conversations I hear in the street. I will especially love getting a babysitter(s) lined up a couple times a week so we can go to dinner…

Telfer's fellowship is going well. When you've been in the same place for eight years there is a definite period of adjustment when you go to a new institution. He's remarkably, admirably resilient.

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3 thoughts on “Change

  1. i LOVE that you are living in Morningside Heights. I have the second book on standby for vacation in August…I have been eager to read it for THAT LONG. Jason and I are getting really antsy to see you three (four)…


  2. You guys are darling. I’d like to take credit for your local, seeing as I introduced you to Mendelson, but I suppose that’s a stretch. Love reading your blog. You make life sound so sweet and blissful!


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