On our apartment

flor tiles in entryway
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Exersaucers are SO CLASSY.

Um, we love our apartment. We are both homey people and I am so glad we love this place; otherwise, I would be a little less content to be at home so much with Cate.

Two recent little projects I want to share:

Flor Tiles (1).

We did not have any rugs on our hardwood floors in our house in Redlands. Rugs are really expensive and we could never decide what exactly we liked. I was afraid I would choose something that I would tired of in a couple of years (I know myself). But, the baby is on the brink of crawling and then she'll be walking and…a rug seemed like a necessity.

I finally decided on flor tiles, modular 20" carpet squares that can be configured in any pattern or size. Since we will only be in this apartment for one year, we can then reuse the carpet tiles in a different configuration in our next house. They might go from the living room to the laundry room to the garage…you can keep reconfiguring the tiles based on need and wear. I bought six tiles for the entryway and twelve tiles for the living room. So far we have been really pleased.

living room
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magnet boards
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Kitchen Wall (2)

I literally have one drawer (1!) in my kitchen. I brought a very pared down selection of my kitchen supplies but when we got here, I realized I still brought way too much for the storage available. We were walking around our neighborhood and saw that the local used bookstore, Morningside Bookshop, was going out of business (a sadly common occurrence) and that they were selling sturdy rolling metal bookshelves for $60.00. Telfer rolled one home (8 blocks) and now I have room for the ridiculous amount of bowls I brought.

Yesterday we finished covering two of the magnet boards in heavy paper with decoupage glue (thank you Martha Stewart!). Telfer has to help me with all crafty endeavors as I cannot cut straightly or glue anything properly…but they turned out pretty well, no? Regardless, the boards add some needed color to a narrow little kitchen.

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4 thoughts on “On our apartment

  1. the last/only great thing i found on the street that i could get home (because telfer was with me..was a chest of drawers) and he carried it 8+ blocks..


  2. the last/only great thing i found on the street that i could get home (because telfer was with me) was a chest of drawers, and he carried it 8+ blocks..


  3. you may just have found the perfect rug solution for our library…where walking over the cold ceramic tiles is like going barefoot in antarctica. in fact, i just order a sample pack off the website. thanks!


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