cate at brunch
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On several fronts: Cate and I are now old pros at traveling on the subway. Usually someone helps but if not, I just bump the stroller down the stairs. Tomorrow's outing: a visit to the Cloisters. Anyone want to go view medieval art and tapestries with me and Cate?

We also found two good sitters through an ad on craigslist. I was initially nervous to use CL, but both sitters are extremely nice and absolutely over-qualified. One girl is in a PhD program, the other in a speech pathology program. I think they can handle studying in our apartment while Cate is asleep. Tonight is our first date night. We are thinking about dinner and then braving the crowds to see the new Harry Potter. Could be fun? Could be stupid?

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4 thoughts on “Triumph

  1. Totally. I have a Met membership. I love medieval art and tapestries. My mom just sent me your blog address, because I’m living in Brooklyn. Anyway, I’d love to hear how you’re liking New York. Email or something if you were serious about wanting friends for the museum trip.


  2. I would have been scared, too, but I’m proud of you. We just paid someone to watch our kids for the first time last week. I can’t believe we got free babysitting for this long. Do you have to pay these ladies a fortune?


  3. andrew – just saw this. i will be up there at 11 or so. Probably won’t stay too long with baby, etc. Going to get a met membership as well. Oh wait, I just saw your email.
    Bekah – an absolute fortune! I made $2-$3 an hour when I babysat!


  4. but that was when stamps and phone calls were $0.25 and laffy taffys were $0.05.
    i want to go to the cloisters with you..


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