which pacifier should I use?
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Cate loves her pacifiers. Anyone opinionated on the best age to give them up? Methods? Please don’t tell me six months! I am not sure I could respond nicely!

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10 thoughts on “Pacifiers

  1. Gabriel is a big lover of the ‘Plug.’ When it started getting out of control we took it away during the day. It was a long, cry filled week before he learned to live without. However he still has it only for sleeping. I’m too chicken to totally say good-bye yet. His doctor said just do it before age two so you may have time to figure it out. He also said go cold turkey. Yikes!


  2. Gaylia just slowly cut down Genevra’s use of her pacifier till by 2 or a little before she only used it at night and maybe naps, and now she doesn’t use them at all. It took a while to find all the pacifiers she had hidden all over the house though! Gaylia had her throw it away herself when she found one a while ago so she would really understand its all over! She felt like a heal though.:)


  3. eleanor – are you joking about 26 year old?
    thank you for your comments everyone. I think I’ll just let her be for now…and then take them away during the day eventually but not now. It just sounds too hard. as long as she’s off them by kindergarten, right?


  4. i love the comment thread – awesome. also not to belittle infants intellect but i wonder if they just drop them accidentally in frequently visited places and then happen upon them later to their glee?


  5. andrea, unfortunately i´m not joking about the 26-year-old bottle user. i guess she gave it up around age..21/22? but then she moved (stress levels went up?) and she´s back on the bottle now. it makes me feel really strange to see it sitting there drying with the other dishes.
    telfer – violet definitely hides hers; she´ll retrieve them only when she´s not being watched, so her hiding places are never revealed.


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