Trader Joe’s Withdrawal

in the front pack
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Truly, the thing I miss most about California is Trader Joe's (we lived .7 miles away). I credit TJs with finally interesting me in cooking and food. This says it all: when we got married I could make one soup that had velveeta cheese as its main ingredient.

Manhattan is not known for its cheap groceries. I am already used to it, but the first week here, I was a little overwhelmed. I paid $5 for the smallest box of Grape Nuts. There is a Trader Joe's here in NYC, but it is quite far from us, down at Union Square. Telfer and I went one weekend and bought a bag of groceries and a bag of wine that we lugged home. Cate and I finally went back today and did a major stockup on groceries and wine. It was a little bit of a process.

The picture above was taken right before we left. I stuck her in the Baby Bjorn since I can't push a stroller and a grocery cart by myself. Don't worry, she has her hat on. She is getting pretty heavy for the front pack, so we'll see how long I can do this.

on the subway
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Cate loves the subway. She makes friends everywhere we go. A couple of weeks ago, on our way home from church, she grabbed a woman's cell phone and had it in her mouth in about two seconds. Yikes. We take two trains to get to Union Station and walk to the Trader Joe's wine shop (separate from grocery store). I buy two CASES of wine that will be delivered later this afternoon. Feel like a wino but am getting good deal and the delivery fee is flat, so might as well?

a cartfull
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We stroll down a couple of doors to the actual TJ grocery store. Above is our grocery cart absolutely full of food. We haven't been eating much meat since we moved to NYC so I buy chicken and turkey for the freezer and salmon fillet for tonight. I also buy Henry dog treats and Cate yogurt, animal crackers and applesauce. I buy myself some blueberry scones. Telfer is out of luck, no just kidding, I bought the beer he likes. They are sampling banana bread. I share with Cate who very much likes banana bread. I wait in line for five minutes. The checker says that in September, the line will be all the way to the door. I feel lucky. The groceries will be delivered at the same time as the wine. We walk to the subway, ride to our station, stop at Starbucks (I think I deserve an iced latte), walk home and await our groceries. So worth it.

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6 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Withdrawal

  1. I’ll add to the TJ withdrawl club. You should have seen my suitcase coming back from CA in June. Mixes, teas, nuts and more …


  2. Have you seen the small, light back pack I have for Alyce? Very handy and doesn’t wear me out to wear it like a front pack and leaves my hands free. Got it for free on craigslist. I especially liked it for my flights home when I had to traverse shuttles and airplanes with luggage in both hands. You just have to lean a little forward when sitting down. She loves it too and can lay her head down on my shoulder and nap in it if she gets tired.


  3. I love TJ’s, but we were wowed last year in San Fran by just how much more amazing CA TJ’ses are than our little three-aisle one. Still, I go there as often as I need tapenade, almond butter (makes me think of you in college!), frozen brown rice, pancetta, grape juice, and naan. Oh, and cranberry sauce in season. Mmmm…


  4. Try an Ergo Baby Carrier. Gabriel is over 27 pounds and I can carry him in front or on my back no problems. His weight rests on my hips so I carry him around for a few hours if I need to. They are spendy but worth the price, plus excellent resale value.


  5. I’m not sure that I appreciate the put-down of the “Easy-Cheesey Soup” recipe! 🙂 It’s one of my favorites, and I still make it from time to time (although my wife has definitely expanded our culinary repertoire).


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