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onward, slave!
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I have been a little negligent, no?

Cate is suddenly toothy – she is getting four top teeth and one bottom tooth for a grand total of eight. She also stands up on everything but can't manage to sit down. I keep telling her that's why she wears diapers but so far she's not listening.

Mendy was here for most of last week – we had such a good time. She is in the midst of a master's degree and needed to work during naptime so she let me go do my thing. I got a badly needed haircut and went on lots of walks.

Chris sent Eleanor, Mendy, Telfer and me to Hamlet on Thursday. The set is beautiful and snowy and austere and the costumes modern in a drapey sort of way (there has been much Eleanor-directed discussion concerning Gertrude's palazzo pants on facebook). I have never been a big Jude Law fan — too pretty — but as Hamlet, he is a force. The other actors paled in comparison.

Last week our power cord stopped charging our macbook but what do you know? An Apple store opened Saturday on the Upper West Side. There was a lot of fanfare and free t-shirts. Anyone want an XL Apple shirt?

Telfer and I both love to see movies in the theater but since we had Cate we occasionally go together, but mostly we take turns going separately. Ever since I first went to a movie alone (Elizabeth at the Flicks in Boise), I have been hooked on the experience. There is something liberating about seeing a movie by yourself. Anyway. Telfer usually sees boy movies that I refuse to watch and I predictably see art house films high on drama. In the last month or so I have seen An Education (coming of age story in 1960s London) and Precious (a coming of age story in 1980s Harlem). Both were fabulous and not really comparable but Precious blew me away. If you get the chance to see this movie, I highly recommend it. It's definitely not for the faint of heart…

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2 thoughts on “State of Things

  1. I might be the only person you know that wears an XL t-shirt. I’ll take it! Don’t ship it though – waste of money. Maybe give it to Eleanor and she can bring it in January? 🙂 We want to see Cate!!!


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