Thanksgiving Flu

so big!
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The flu took me down the Sunday before Thanksgiving and lasted the entire week. Thankfully, Cate and Telfer were spared (they both had flu shots). I am a little nostalgic for pre-child sick days but really, I had the next best thing: Eleanor. Last week was a light week for her and she came over, played with Cate, took her to Central Park, took Henry for walks, went grocery shopping for me…so wonderful. I hate being so sick you can't even read but I did get caught up on all my television shows (notably they all start with "G": the Good Wife, Glee and Gossip Girl).

Last Monday we had been planning to rent a car and go to Costco in New Jersey for a major stockup (exciting things like paper towels and baby wipes and toilet paper and body wash). Telfer was literally up working the entire night and I had the flu but we loaded Cate into her car seat for the first time since June and away we went across the George Washington Bridge. Very exciting to be in a car. Not so exciting to go to New Jersey. By the time we loaded up our car, drove to our building, unloaded everything into the lobby, then the elevator, then the hallway outside of our apartment and then finally, our apartment itself, we were both exhausted. But! We now have Costco amounts of toilet paper. So worth it.

The picture of Cate with her arms outstretched is her answer to the questions: How big is Cate? [so big!] How cute is Cate? [so cute!] How much does Mama love Cate? [so much!] The possibilities are endless, really.

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owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Flu

  1. I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well on Thanksgiving. My parents were in town and we fondly remembered our Thanksgiving with you and Telfer in California.


  2. Glad you are better friend. Glad the turkey was cooked and eaten – looked beautiful. And of course glad that Cate knows SO much :). Love you. Hope to talk soon – we are driving from Montana tomorrow so I may try and call while we are on the road. Hugs.


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