Brain Lint

locked out of the room of delights 

Since my last post, we have had another all-day snow day (Tuesday). Cate and I spent the day enjoyably but spring is sounding like a delightful gift at this point. Two other gifts: Telfer got home on Saturday morning from his conference and is now off of his ICU rotation. Last night he walked in before 5:30 and then took Cate and Henry for a walk. I could get used to this again.

This last week I have had more time than usual at home so I have been doing a lot of random little things.

Dreaming of projects:

  • I really want to make this wreath. Yes, a Christmas wreath in February. Not normal. I have a feeling it would be too expensive though when all is said and done. But maybe worth it?
  • I also want to make a daily weather and a daily word spot for Cate – maybe on a magnet board? Alyssa is getting a fancy new toy for her birthday so I am thinking she could help me out…

Cataloging my dislikes (for no good reason):

  • the feel of newsprint 
  • the little paper inserts in magazines
  • chalkboards & the idea of chalkboard paint
  • excess of plastic bags and packaging
  • mushrooms
  • all cable news (right and left). Posturing nonsense…

Making good food:

  • I made this dinner for Telfer for Valentine's Day. I also have discovered the humble brussel sprout this winter.
  • And last night went back to an old classic: cashew chicken curry with vegetables added.

Lastly, we would appreciate your prayers for my cousin Charisa. She is one of the Baptist missionaries in Haiti. They released eight of the prisoners last night, but my cousin and the leader are still being held. Charisa has diabetes and needs better care than is currently available. It's a difficult situation. 

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owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

3 thoughts on “Brain Lint

  1. LOVE the wreath…might try it w/ a foam wreath, pompoms in great colors and a hot glue gun…
    maybe I will try a tiny one first to see if it would work…less cost involved!


  2. becky – let me know if you try it…i had the same thought but i really love the colors shown – can you find pompoms quite like that?


  3. A few comments…
    1. Yes, you should make the wreath and squeeze one in for me while you’re at it – not too much to ask, right? 🙂
    2. I think I could have identified 99% of your dislikes listed – glad I have been paying attention these last 12.5 years and have not bought you stacks of newspaper or mushrooms. 🙂
    3. On the chicken – do you just use chicken breast/tenders or do you actually use the parts of a chicken? I think that is why I have avoided this recipe…
    4. Still praying…
    Okay, I’m done. Love you!


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