Our Reluctant Walker

in action
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So Cate is almost 17 months now and is still not walking. She's getting close though. She stands and shakes her necklaces and sits and then stands again but so far she has only taken a couple of unassisted steps a handful of times. Alyssa's girls are late walkers too and so Mom and Alyssa suggested we get a baby walker for Cate to practice walking and gain confidence. I found one on craigslist for $15 and Telfer picked it up for me. Yes, another ugly plastic toy. Luckily, it's pretty small and we can store it underneath the exersaucer.

Cate seems to like the walker so far (so geriatric!). All our doorways have lips and so she can go like ten feet before she's stopped up. With the snow, I finally took her down to our somewhat dingy lobby where she can practice with a bit more space. She had fun but was more interested in climbing the stairs. Go figure.

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2 thoughts on “Our Reluctant Walker

  1. At our house we call that stuff BPC (or LPC). Big Plastic Crap. It’s pretty unavoidable to some degree, no matter how hard you try!


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