Snow Snow Snow

central park on thursday
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Here we are with more snow. It hasn't stopped snowing since Thursday morning and now it is Friday afternoon. I think we'll probably have two feet before it's over. Maybe? I am hopelessly awful at looking at snow and estimating how many inches. Also bad at estimating crowd size.

It's actually very beautiful. Yesterday Telfer was post-call and I had the afternoon to myself. A little snow was not going to keep me home. I went to lunch and then headed over to the Frick Collection on the east side. I highly recommend this art museum. The MET is so overwhelming but the Frick collection, once a private home, is such a charming place to experience great paintings. I finally got to see the Hans Holbein portraits of Thomas Cromwell and Thomas More (doesn't sound that interesting unless you have read Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel).

In two hours I had finished up at the Frick and still had some time so I thought I would walk partway home. So, I started off on E. 70th and walked up Madison and then cut back over to 5th Ave at 88th street. I looked like a walking snowman with wet glasses but I kept going. I decided to walk through Central Park to the west side and then maybe get a taxi the rest of they way home. In the fifteen minute walk across the park I saw maybe six people. So beautiful and quiet. I heard today that a man was killed by a snow-filled branch in the park yesterday at the exact time I was walking through the park and taking pictures. Whoops! Maybe not so smart. And when I got to the west side I was officially ready for a taxi. Except for there were none. All full. I walked another ten blocks up and then a few avenues over and finally found one. I was SOAKING wet when I got home and my mascara was down to my jaw line. But I had my winter walk and an afternoon out. Such a treat for a mom.

Today we are definitely staying inside as much as possible. Cate actually likes snow days because she gets to watch Sesame Street, a once or maybe (on rare occasions), a twice a week occurrence. I have dinner already done (it smells amazing) and Cate and I (with the babybjorn, the stroller is impossible) are going to venture out for a baguette. Big plans.

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3 thoughts on “Snow Snow Snow

  1. on the radio this morning they said that you guys were pummeled with snow again. Ug. I was feeling for you. I’m glad you survived your walk through the park! 🙂


  2. It really is so beautiful. I love you blog posts – they read so well. And I bet your reflexes are such that it would take more than a snow-covered branch to take you out 🙂


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