I haven't posted in such a long time so get ready for a slightly ridiculous post.

Here's what we have been up to:
tree in front of our building

LOVING spring. Spring is a miracle after a real winter. For those of you that live in a place with four seasons, tune me out, but after eight years of Southern California, I just forgot about spring. The trees are in full bloom. The park is actually a destination unto itself rather than a place where I quickly walk Henry. You can buy lilacs on the street. Easter was all the more miraculous this year. Resurrection has layers of meaning.

VISITORS I. Missy and Jason spent a delightful weekend with us in March. Highlight meal: Fatty Crab. I could eat their sliders every day of my life. I didn't take any pictures! 

in bryant park 

: Also, Anna and Amanda spent almost a week with us at the beginning of April. The weather was beautiful and we had a lovely time together. Cate and I joined the two of them for some events and bowed out for naps during others. Here we are having lunch at 'Wichcraft in Bryant Park. I am all about the sandwich.

BOOKS: While Anna and Amanda were here, we went to hear the Irish authors Colum McCann (National Book Award winner for Let the Great World Spin) and Colm Toibin (Brooklyn) speak about their work and on subjects ranging from the immigrant experience in New York City to the Irish Catholic Church. I have been to a lot of author events and this was, by far, the most fun and the most inspiring. Definitely a highlight of Anna and Amanda's trip. This event took place eleven blocks from our apartment and I have a set of tickets for this season. Tonight Eleanor and I are headed to Rereading Middlemarch with Jennifer Egan, Siri Huvstedt and Margot Livesy. This may not be everyone's cup of tea but it is certainly mine. 

bandaids and lollipops @ the pediatrician!

CATE: Cate had her last visit with her doctor here in NYC and we were so thrilled to show off her walking capabilities. Cate only weighs 20 pounds at 18 months, putting her into the 5th percentile. Pretty normal on height but has a huge head (90th percentile). And I hope you don't think I am too mean but I can't help myself: That's a huge noggin! Virtual planetoid! Orange on a toothpick! If you get that, we probably went to high school together or you have watched So I Married an Axe Murderer fifty times

breakfast ALONE

PASTRY: Telfer has been on research these last two weeks and gets to leave the apartment at a normal time instead of in the dark. He even stayed home and worked one morning so I could go out to breakfast by myself. I had better not get used to this, but oh, I could.


pippa @ abc carpet & home

DATESThere are still so many things we want to do in New York before the end of June. So many things. We crossed one off the list on Saturday. Eleanor babysat for us before and during Cate's afternoon nap while we went to brunch at Pippa and walked through ABC Carpet & Home, a huge and expensive home store. I like it there because I am not tempted to buy anything since literally everything is out of my price range but it's so much fun to look! We walked up to the Flatiron and then got Stumptown Coffee at the Ace Hotel. And to top it off, the weather was beautiful. See:

flatiron in spring

stumptown @ the ace hotel

GLEE:Let me geek out for a minute and say, yes, I am more than a little excited Glee is back. Shame on you if you haven't watched it yet. I tried to link the Sue Sylvester Vogue video but most of the sites "may harm my computer." Trust me. 

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5 thoughts on “Epic

  1. Loved the update! And glad Anna and I were able to be apart of it by coming to NYC. I didn’t know you loved Glee. I love it too! The Vogue video was too fun!


  2. Wow – that was epic. Longer than even I was expecting after you told me it was going to be epic! Shame on me for not watching Glee with you – but I am willing to when I have a bit more free time. And re. Cate’s head – it is indeed “frickin’ huge – its got its own weather system”…


  3. Cate clearly has big brains. They take up a lot of room.
    I just Netflixed Glee…but I have a feeling it might be too much like my real job. We tend to break out in song and dance quite often.
    PS: is Telfer ‘allowed’ to say “frickin?”:)


  4. her head really doesn’t look big… no moreso than all little kids’ heads look, relative to body size.
    maybe there’s not much of a range in sizes, so the 90% isn’t as telling.


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