Big Week

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Pray for Telfer if you read this today. He is in Atlanta taking the Anesthesia Oral Boards. He's actually nervous for the first time in his life. I know! We've been married for nine years, dated for two, and this is the first time I have actually seen him nervous. After NINE years of written tests, all of the sudden there is this switch to an oral exam format. It's a completely different skill set. If he passes (will know in about a month), he'll be board certified. So no pressure. He's been in Atlanta studying since Saturday morning and I think he feels good about the whole thing…

busy busy busy
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Meanwhile, I am keeping Cate and Henry happy back in New York. Considering Cate emptied the entire box of kleenex before I even noticed, I would say we are experiencing success. She was very pleased with herself and since I wasn't really paying attention I just laughed and grabbed the camera. Cate has a cold and is teething so I was dreading three days alone but it's been good.

mini globe!
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We went to a flea market close to our apartment yesterday and I finally found a tin mini globe. Have only been looking for one close to a year. I know, I could actually just get one on ebay but I love the thrill of the hunt. Talked the lady down $10 as well. Cate yelling, HI! Hi! Hi! probably helped a bit.

Telfer gets back on Tuesday and we leave for Washington early Wednesday morning. We're going to visit Chris and Mendy in Olympia and look at a few houses. There is one house we are particularly excited about. Since we know exactly what neighborhood we want to live in, the availability of houses is somewhat limited. Telfer will fly home on Sunday but Cate and I are headed over to Richland to stay with Mom & Dad for a week.

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