One more thing

can you read that?
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What else?

Cate is going to have a sibling on or about her second birthday! I am almost 16 weeks already…We were trying to hold out and wait to tell everyone until we knew the gender of the baby but my appointment is not for three more weeks AND we are heading home AND I look pregnant. The cat is out of the bag.

Good pregnancy so far. Beyond tiredness in the first trimester and immediate, all-consuming hunger. Don't leave a tray of meat alone with me! I am having major girl feelings about this baby but my intuition has proven completely unreliable in the past. Currently agonizing over girl names. Still taking suggestions?

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6 thoughts on “One more thing

  1. Didn’t think you’d last long with just one! Congrats! Since Gabriel was a girl I didn’t get to use my choice of Rowan so you can have it. I am a sucker for the nature names. If you were a crazy Lord of the Rings fan (few of them in this house) you could use an Elvish name. I pulled for Ellena (star spray in Elvish) but again, had a boy. Have a great time on the West Coast!! It is the best place in the world.


  2. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Can’t wait to meet her…er…baby! Love to all of you! Hope the week in WA is going good. Nice to be in the same time zone again :).


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