Two Months

fruit from my doctor
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As of tomorrow, I have been in the hospital for two months. What sounds more impressive: two months or 1/6 of a year? I can't decide.

And since we are speaking of important dates, I will be 35 weeks on Saturday. Here's the current plan: c-section at 37 weeks, hopefully on Friday, September 10. Telfer arrives that morning and we are hoping to have the c-section closely following his arrival. We shall see…

Feeling good – I am bleeding more often but not impressively so far. My doctor told me this morning to just expect bleeding off and on between now and delivery. Hydration is important to ward off contractions and so I am drinking an otherworldly amount of water (at least it feels that way).

Another piece of good news: as of Monday, baby J already weighs almost five pounds. I think she would have been a chunk if I could carry her to term!

My doctor went to the farmer's market yesterday expressly to buy me fruit. Plums and figs. I told her we should make this a tradition. She promised to bring me another fig at some point today.

On the homefront, Telfer is busy with work and is now scraping wallpaper off the wall in the landing upstairs as well as our bedroom in preparation to paint. Cate continues to charm and is now saying so many words. I love hearing the new words that she says.

One Cate anecdote: On her recent visit, Eleanor taught Cate to call her owies "battle scars." A couple nights ago Telfer was trying to get her to say "battle scar" out loud. He said it enthusiastically and loudly, in a boy voice, probably accompanied by helicopter and bombing noises. Cate paused and thought of the only word she could muster that much enthusiasm for – and yes, that word was "cookies!"

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5 thoughts on “Two Months

  1. Enjoyed the update — glad to hear you are doing well and holding steady! Cate continues to be as darling as ever. Praying for the coming weeks!


  2. 1/6 of a year. That sounds like a long time. Better to use that when baby J complains about her life or your intrusive mothering. You can say, “Well, I spend 1/6 of the year in the hospital. . .” (You sound great: blessings on the home stretch.)


  3. I was only teaching her to call them battle scars when they were the consequence of valor, or at least rough play. But it might take a few more years to impress upon her the distinction.


  4. What a complete hoot Andrea! “Cookies”!! I can just see it! What a doll Cate is! And you are such a trooper and keep your sense of humor and delightful story telling despite these challenges. I’m so glad Jane is growing well and you are hanging in there. Sounds like you have a great doctor. I think of you often and appreciate yoru updates. I’ll keep you and yours in my thoughts and prayers.


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