One Week + 1 Day

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Scheduling a c-section has been a little complicated but as of today it looks even more likely we will welcome Jane next Friday, September 10. Other days have been floated around, but for various reasons it seems like the 10th is the best option for everyone.

But a big part of me is laughingly conceding the point that nothing else has gone according to plan this summer so why should this? Telfer is on call this weekend and won't be able to get away. Eleanor will be at a wedding on Long Island. Molly is in the Tri-Cities for two weddings. So naturally, I am thinking an emergency c-section in the next few days is probably in my future!

Oh well. It's been another good week. On Sunday, Molly and Ryan and Siva (friends from high school) brought me brunch, beautiful yellow roses and I got out of my room for the first time in two weeks. Eleanor brought me this amazing mango-on-a-stick carved like a flower. Chris and Mendy are flying into New York tonight on their way to a needed vacation and are coming to the hospital tonight for dinner with me and Eleanor. I am hoping my doctor will come by to meet them — we are ordering from her favorite Indian restaurant in the neighborhood as an enticement… 

Also eagerly anticipating the arrival of Jonathan Franzen's new novel in the mail today. The media blitzkrieg makes me wonder a bit but I really want to finish it before baby J makes her arrival.

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6 thoughts on “One Week + 1 Day

  1. Hey BF,
    Here is to no emergency c-section, a very quiet weekend, and lots of good reading time. Love you. Can’t believe J will be here in six days. Hope to talk tomorrow.


  2. Hi Andrea,
    I found your blog through another friend’s, and was so sorry to hear about your miserable time with bedrest…but very glad that (safe) labor and delivery seem near. I will be praying the health of you and your baby girl, and that God’s perfect timing will be very evident during the whole process.
    -Stephanie Tiner


  3. and luckily we dodged that weekend of potential bad timing – now we just have to last 22 more hours and I’ll be there and we can do this in a controlled fashion 🙂


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