The State of our Bathrooms

I have said I would post pictures of our bathrooms before but it's so hard to take good pictures of small spaces. Consider yourself invited to come over and take a look yourself. Our upstairs bathroom is amazingly awful but very functional at this point.

Witness the shower area. The previous owners were going for a spa feel but obviously ran out of steam. Seriously, it's like a locker room for junior high boys. We could fit 10 people in here easy. 

locker room look bench seating in the shower

See the tile? There is a dive Mexican restaurant in town (good food though) that has THE SAME tile in the women's bathroom! I about broke my neck racing back from the bathroom to tell Telfer. There is a whole other closeted toilet area that I am sparing you from.


The downstairs bathroom is what we are focusing on now since we have had experience renovating a small bathroom before and it will be much, much cheaper. We are going to do a lot of the work ourselves but with children we can't really do everything that we would like. We will recruit my dad for the electrical work as well as someone for the plumbing and tile. Telfer still wants to do the demolition. So manly.

We have a propensity for buying houses from little old ladies that like pink and wallpaper. It's really not the best combination.

hello neighborhood! wallpaper! pink walls!

We think we will start on the bathroom downstairs in September but we are still getting a sense of how much this will cost. Here's some of our ideas on Pinterest if you are interested. This is the bathroom for bathing babies and dogs so I don't even think we are going to put in a shower. Just a handheld wand for the bath. I am looking forward to bathing my girls in a bathroom that doesn't look perpetually filthy! 

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5 thoughts on “The State of our Bathrooms

  1. Telfer wants to do more than demolition – but there are voices of reason that insist bringing in a few experts may not be a bad idea 🙂


  2. Jason thinks that the previous owners must have been growing marijuana in that shower. How he knows so much about growing marijuana I don’t know…


  3. Your upstairs bath always makes me think of the showers in Sutherland at NNU (not that I was ever in them)…didn’t the guys always flood them and make a swimming pool or something? Telfer can you help? Oh wait, you were one of those Magnum Muta…


  4. hah! on marijuana and mangum mutants! I don’t think Telfer would have been of the flooding type. He likes a bit of order.


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