Bedroom Update

Our bedroom is really large which is good in some ways but is kind of tricky in others. We were feeling a little blah about the room so we did two projects that make our bedroom look so much more put together.

We changed out a normal light fixture for a more bold look – a DIY branch chandelier that I saw on Little Green Notebook. Basically you screw a whole bunch of y-shaped socket adapters and add light bulbs. The whole thing cost less than $40 (including light bulbs). We love it. I had the idea to add a ceiling medallion to make it look a little more finished. It's definitely a statement. My dad, the electrician, is not nearly as impressed.

lighting project

Then we put together a gallery wall above the bed. The hardest part was choosing the photographs. I didn't know Costco's photo department can make 8x10s in an hour, did you? Also, all of our photos are taken with an iPhone. Lazy! Surprisingly though, all of the photographs look really great in the 8×10 size. We took the mats out of 21 Ikea frames (I can't remember which ones they were) and added pictures. I arranged the frames in an order and then Telfer painstakingly hung them. He is ridiculously good; hanging three rows of seven frames each is not exactly easy. As you can see, a glass of red wine helps the process along.  

organizing... one row! two rows! picture project completed!

I love this project. All the pictures are so special to us – a lot of them are from our time in New York and the pictures of the girls are almost too much. I just stop and stare!

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