Things I Have Been Doing Other Than Blogging

summer on a plate

1. Enjoying summer. My parents brought over these tomatoes from the East side. SO good. Caprese Salad = Summer. I am, however, really, really ready for Fall. I am not a fan of 85 degrees (next week supposedly) in September. I am ready to wear cardigans and cute flats and my glasses again (without squinting).

girls at the beach

2. Taking my sweet girls to the beach. Is there anything better than seeing your kids run on the beach and play in the sand for the first time? We had such a lovely, lovely time in Cannon Beach. 

birthday books

3. I kind of had an amazing birthday this year. Seriously, 33 is kind of a ho-hum birthday but the way we celebrated I felt like I was 40 (?) or something. Maybe Telfer thinks I am 40? We went to Cannon Beach. We went to dinner with lovely family. I talked or got emails from all my favorite people. Telfer finished my office. I got stacks and stacks of books. This isn't even all of them! 

4. Elizabeth took me to see Brandi Carlile at the Seattle Zoo. Swoon. Lovely evening with my sister.

sneak peak

5. Settling into my office. More pictures later, I promise. It's such a small room that I can't photograph it very well but I will try harder. Everyone knows where to find me now! I could live in here.

by color!

6. Reorganizing my closet. I took a bunch of stuff to a consignment store & to Goodwill and put away all of my summer stuff (prematurely). You'll be happy to know everything is now organized by color. Also, if I purchase one more striped top or gray cardigan please put me out of my misery. I realized I am out of control in these two areas. 

That's about it really. Eleanor went back to New York which was sad but you know, she lives there so I should be okay. More later, maybe even today…

Published by Andrea Y. Griffith

owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

4 thoughts on “Things I Have Been Doing Other Than Blogging

  1. i love your blog. it’s weirdly comforting to throw my clothes on the floor and then look at a picture of your color-coded closet.
    fall is a beautiful time to visit new york. just sayin’.


  2. Love the updates…and like many, love the closet. As we prepare to unpack I go back and forth between organizing my “type” or by “color”…color is much more fun to look at. Love you!


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