The Girls

reading books together

It's been an interesting few weeks around our house. "Interesting" is a word I overuse that really says nothing well, interesting. So it's been a little rough but with many, many moments of grace. Almost three-olds are just really hard! Both Telfer and I feel like God has provided us with wisdom in parenting and disciplining our wonderful Cate. Every child is unique and we are slowly learning (with many mistakes along the way) how to best love and parent her – it's both humbling and exciting. Anyway, we are now in the thick of the Griffith birthday season with my birthday past and Jane's first birthday on Saturday and Cate's third birthday and Telfer's birthday coming up in October.

So my baby is almost one if you can believe that. Jane is on the small side still but she's already standing and getting into everything. Jane's two favorite things: food & Cate (in that order). Cate, bless her heart (NNU girls, you know what I am saying), is very picky, but Jane has yet to meet food that she does NOT like. The kid even ate the mushrooms that her Papa gave her the other day. I don't even like mushrooms! She is a joy to feed except when I don't get the food to her quickly enough. I love watching her discover new things to eat. She recently discovered raspberries and I worried about her digestive system after she ate about 15 of them in one sitting…

this kid eats anything


here comes trouble

Cate acts and looks like a three-year-old these days. There is nothing of the two-year-old left. We moved her into a big girl bed a few months ago but late-night escapades in redecorating her bedroom left her very, very tired there for a bit. We intervened by putting her back into the crib for the time being. She is well-rested again and is subsequently back to her delightful self. She is almost completely potty-trained and delights in picking her clothes out every morning, getting dressed by herself and then picking Jane's clothes out. She is happiest eating popsicles and yogurt and gummy bears with a high quality pastry thrown in every once in awhile. She doesn't really see the need for anything else. Cate loves her binkies (I know, I know. The binky fairy is coming and Cate knows all about it – we just have to set a date) and her books and her sister (in that order).  

miss cate

on her way to breakfast with aunt ellie


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One thought on “The Girls

  1. So glad these 2 pics of Cate made it onto the blog. I saw them on your flicker and thought they needed more exposure. What beautiful children you have. I’m with Cate- happiest with pastries and gummy bears. I’ll leave the shrooms to Jane. Love and miss you all- everyday.


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