Settling into January

jane is seriously into reading right now

I really do love the New Year. The Christmas decorations are down and put away in the basement. Well, that's not exactly true. The snowflakes are still hanging in the window and there are a few sparkly things left. It's a little too sad to take down everything. Telfer and I have been busy bees around here. Nothing worth showing really. The girls' toys and spaces have been re-organized and cleaned and a few little plastic toys may have ended up in the trash. Our move into this house was on the chaotic side and certain places, ahem, the basement and garage, really needed some work. There were a few things left in the house that we didn't want around anymore and random moving detritus. We had a dumpster delivered to our curb and spent the weekend filling that baby up. We still have a lot of organizing to do in those spaces but at least they are picked through. I also took multiple loads to Goodwill and sold/gave away a few things on Craigslist. Feels so good!

RaChelle reminded me that I never posted pictures of our bathroom remodel. Telfer took some good ones and here they are: 

from the hallway pretty pretty

It's so nice. Especially for bathing children + dogs. If interested, almost all of the sources are on my Pinterest board.

What else? Downton Abbey returned on Sunday and Telfer and I watched the two-hour premier last night. Whoo. I love that show. The costumes! Best Maggie Smith line: "My dear, you are not Toad of Toad Hall" when one of her granddaughters decides to learn to drive. Not much else to report. Cate and Jane are having a good couple of days. We are sticking close to home mostly but we might take a walk to the library when Miss Jane wakes up from her nap. 

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One thought on “Settling into January

  1. So, I too watched the season premiere of Downton Abbey and loved it! I will admit, I did not watch last season, but I believe I am hooked. I have put a hold on the first season at the library. I’m glad to know there are fellow viewers out there. P.S. Love the bathroom remodel.


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