both girls eating snow

My girls immediately put the snow into their mouths. Nice. It was new snow in this picture. I had to tell Cate at church and Costco afterwards not to put the tire-tracked snow into her mouth. She couldn't understand why. 

novelty of snow wore off rather quickly

Shortly after this picture was taken Jane toppled off the bottom step and hit her lip, her nose, and forehead. She looks like she's been through a war or at the very least has an unfortunate head-to-body-weight ratio. 

drool cascading down from her open mouth

Jane is such a crack-up lately. For a long time I thought she would be our relaxed, "easy" kid. Hah! I can tell she is a little more low-key than her sister, but this kid is incredibly tenacious. She will try really, really hard to master something like putting all of the necklaces exactly into the bowl, no little bits trailing behind. You can just feel the quivering concentration.

jane really loves papa's pasta. like really loves it.

She really wants to use a fork. I get easily grossed out trying to help her. Nastiest fork ever, completely covered in food and drool. 


We are in the middle of a "major snow event" here in Olympia. I think I am going to take the girls out to play when Jane wakes up from her nap. We were planning on taking the bus to the Bread Peddler but the bus isn't even running today (at least not yet). Chicken stock is simmering away on the stove and I am going to make this soup later today for the umpteenth time this winter. Maybe banana bread too. I have a bunch of nasty brown bananas in the freezer that I should use. Soup and bread. Does it get any better than that on a winter day?

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