Sunshine is Good for the Soul


Yesterday was so sunshiny. Mendy had Cate in the morning and I had planned to clean the house with Jane. But the sun was too tempting. I took Jane and Henry downtown for coffee. And then in the afternoon we all went to the water and walked around, looked at the jellyfish out on the docks and then played on a new playground. And then we came home and a tried to eat a family dinner together. The tacquitos and assorted Mexican sides all bombed with a certain 3-year-old. You can't win them all. 

double slide

Other bits of news:

we found good indian food

I crave Indian food after living in New York with the ability to order cheap Indian food that arrived at my door in less than 15 minutes. Specifically, I love lamb khorma and naan (among other things). The Indian restaurants around here aren't reviewed well but Telfer heard about this place out in Lacey that has fabulous Indian food. It's a bit of a drive but so worth it. Telfer mentioned it on Tuesday morning and I was unable to stop salivating until he brought it home. 

really great chair for $12.50

I posted the above picture on flickr a few months ago. We bought this stinky, smelly but very cute chair at a local antique store for $12.50. We brought it back from our neighborhood upholstery shop on Tuesday. I will say this: It cost more than $12! But! It's so cute and restored!

recovered chair

jane in a box

Okay, this might be categorized as oversharing but I seemingly can't help myself. On Wednesday, we returned home from BSF and Trader Joe's. I was unloading groceries and getting the girls some lunch together while talking to my sister on the phone. Jane was sitting on the window seat in our dining room. I knew her diaper was pretty wet and was going to change her before we ate lunch. She must have pooped in the five minutes from when we came inside the house to when I looked over and saw her eating her own poop. YES! It took an agonizingly long time to process the situation. What is that on the window seat? Is that chocolate? Did Henry poop while we were gone? What is on Jane's hands? What is in her mouth? Oh my…At least she didn't like it! She was trying to get the taste out of her mouth for awhile. Gross, right?? Needless to say she had a bath immediately. She is such a little monkey.

swinging with grammy

Anyway: one last thought from my devotions yesterday (have to throw in something deep to get you all over the last paragraph).  I love Eugene H. Peterson's Praying with the Psalms devotional. I have been using it for over a year now but yesterday's entry referenced Psalm 21 and his words resonated in light of parenting and my week in general:

"We don't thank enough because we don't think enough. Concentrated remembrance turns up vast quanities of material that derive from God and then are happily reexpressed in thanksgiving." 

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3 thoughts on “Sunshine is Good for the Soul

  1. yeah – it was not a tootsie roll.
    love the post – great pics. and it was good for me to hear that about “concentrated remembrance” – so true.


  2. Good updates my friend! Miss your little family. Hope we can see you soon. Maybe order a little sunshine and Indian food too 🙂 Echoing Telfer – thanks for the quote. Love ya.


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