Getting Stuff Done

our climber

That was our motto last week. After our epic snowfall, it was so nice to be at home and have use of our cars again (they were stuck in our driveway). We did lose power for about 48 hours. Chris & Mendy have a generator so we just spent a couple of days over there. It was actually pretty fun. Nana was there and it felt like Christmas without the pressure.

cate in costco

However, the girls and I did spend one very cold and very long night in our downstairs guest bed. It's a double and I was worried about Jane falling out of the bed so I put her in the middle of me & Cate. Picture the girls screaming and pulling each other's hair at 3:00 in the morning. I must admit that I was not at my best. Telfer, of course, was at work. So when we were able to go back home last Sunday, it was so great to do laundry and get cleaned up. If only I felt that way all the time!

a light!

I had a small baby shower at our house on Thursday night [I made a really good coconut cake]. We like using the excuse of having people over to get a few projects accomplished. We finally hemmed all of the curtains in our house (the cut/tape/iron method). Telfer did most of it and it was a big job…Telfer also put an outlet in my office so I can see to read in my chair. I was afraid I was going to go blind from squinting. 

And, as usual, our girls keep me busy, entertained, on my toes, frustrated, and in awe of God's grace and kindness to me. Witness: 

hold still!

pat your tummy

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6 thoughts on “Getting Stuff Done

  1. Thanks Anna – I love those coasters so much. Eleanor, these were different tights. Jane had the same tights on at church so I think that’s what planted the idea. I thought it was a pretty great combination. We need to get her into ballet I think!


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