And Then Back to Normal

reunited and it feels so good jane's first black&white cookie

It’s been one of those weeks that have just disappeared. Entirely. The girls and I have had such a good time together though. They love the bagels I brought back. And the black-and-white cookies. Remember this video of Cate stuffing a whole cookie in her mouth?

bagel & cream cheese

Jane may not get any more bagels though. This morning she rubbed at least a tablespoon of cream cheese in her sparse hair and it was bathtime at 7:45 AM. 

spraypaint! terrarium. big girl!

It’s been beautiful outside and we have played on our playset and weeded and I finally planted a terrarium (after seeing a beautiful one Sherry did). I also spray-painted an old plant stand I got at a yard sale in California. When Jane wakes up from a quick morning nap I am going to give them the choice of playing at home, taking a walk or maybe the bus downtown. I love that Cate has opinions now on what we do. 

maurice sendak moment

And finally, we have been saddened by Maurice Sendak’s death around here. We have read Where the Wild Things Are, In the Night Kitchen and the tiny books multiple, multiple times over the last couple of days. I love his imagination and his deep understanding of children.

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One thought on “And Then Back to Normal

  1. This week did go by in a flash – hope we can squeeze in our phone chat in the next few days! And well done on NY, I am so glad that I’m not the only person that would include that much food in 1.3 days…awesome. I knew it would be wonderful.


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