Just a little jaunt

brooklyn bridge at night

What did you do last weekend, Andrea? Just took a little trip to New York. No big deal… It was a perfect storm moment: frequent flier miles, Telfer's schedule, a short run for a new production of Death of a Salesman and a lovely sister-in-law. I flew on Friday morning and then came back by the end of naptime on Sunday afternoon. A very quick trip but Eleanor and I managed to cram a lot of eating (and walking) into 1.3 days. 


On Friday: The new American wing at the MET, drinks with Molly & Eleanor at the boat house in Central Park,  dosas at Hampton Chutney, more food and wine in SoHo.

lobster roll at brooklyn flea!

Then on Saturday: Brooklyn Flea, lobster rolls, Death of a Salesman (absolutely the most powerful thing I have ever seen on stage), nuts!, walking from 47th to 114th streets, Fatty Crab for a mid-afternoon drink and pork belly/watermelon, Book Culture, Absolute Bagels for a dozen to bring home to Telfer & the girls, Westside Market for black & white cookies, Riverside Park, a glimpse of St. John the Divine, our old apartment building. Then back down to Brooklyn to drop off bags and then across the Brooklyn Bridge and dinner someplace wonderful back in Brooklyn.


On Sunday: a quick walk and then to the airport. I did manage to look up just in time to see the NASA plane with the space shuttle attached to the top. Flying without children is a blessed event. I read a whole novel on the way back with little naps interspersed. Heavenly. Telfer and the girls had a great time while I was gone. And now, I have these reserves of patience and kindess from just getting away for a little while.

Being back in the city was a strange and wonderful experience. In some ways it feels like I never left and that a baby Cate and Telfer and Henry were just back in our apartment. This is on the sentimental side, but I never really said a proper good-bye to New York. I left our apartment by ambulance and then Telfer moved us out without me. Then the hospital and three months later we finally left the city with our tiny little Jane. Basically, it was nice to be with Eleanor, walking around like a normal person.

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owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

6 thoughts on “Just a little jaunt

  1. and now if someone asks me again what we did when you were here, instead of throwing out a few random things and grumbling, i’ll just send them the link to your post or copy paste what you said.. ;0
    too short but so fun, to be repeated..


  2. Really like the pic of you. I will ditto amanda on what I am jealous of…mainly hampton chutney for a dosa. Would love to hear more about death of a salesman. Sooo glad you got to go and enjoy elenore and new york.


  3. I’m glad too – a little jealous (in a good way) – but really glad. And I’m not complaining as I’d just been gone to Boston and missed my originally scheduled flight back :0 I do think I’ll have to go visit Eleanor sometime though – or we’ll have to go together next time.


  4. I love, love, love that you did this. So much. And Jason will be sooooo jealous of your pork belly and watermelon when he reads this.


  5. I am SO jealous! It sounds like a wonderful time!
    I am WAY overdue for a Broadway show, and I would love to see that one.


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