All over the place

I get like this occasionally. I haven't posted in too long and I am in a slightly manic mood so here's a whole bunch of happenings. It's absolutely beautiful outside but I am holed up here in my office getting.things.done during naptime. Don't feel sorry for me. The window opens really wide in here and the breeze is lovely. Telfer is outside doing a combination of napping, reading, sunning himself and spray-painting. And maybe drinking a beer. Good combination, no?

we go together like seattle & rain

We spent 2.7 days in Seattle last week celebrating our anniversary. The girls stayed home with Sherry's sister Maresa who is a recent college graduate and has more sense than about anyone I know. So capable and only 22! Telfer and I like each other quite a bit even after eleven years so spending time together without kids is just about the most amazing thing. We stayed in a nice hotel downtown and ate good food and walked a whole lot. We bought this card (can you read it in the picture: we go together like seattle and rain. ahhh) at a shop that you must visit next time you are in Seattle. You can easily kill at least an hour browsing about.

my honey

Here's Telfer at the Library Bar. The nerds go on vacation! We are really into Seattle Magazine's Best Happy Hours at the moment. We like to eat but not too much so when you can combine small bites at good prices, we are so, so there. We managed to strike three restaurants off the list (Poppy, Capital Grille, and Bottlehouse) and as we are goal-orientated types, we plan to visit the rest of the restaurants on the list in the next six months. You can imagine the strategizing conversations that have already taken place.

someone loves spaghetti

And then there's been this week. All the girls in the family have had colds, especially me and Jane. I may have used the phrase "human snot factory" to describe us. Getting better now. I can't decide if Cate has been freakishly sweet or my sickness has taken my own agenda down a couple notches and I have been a better mother. Correlation? Causation? In short, it's been a good week. Telfer randomly suggested we go out to spaghetti the other night. It was by far, the most fun we have ever had out with our kids. They were charming. They said thank you. They ate by themselves (Jane too obviously). Telfer and I did not bolt our food down like starving persons. Success!

gryffindor's youngest seeker!

I just love this picture. Telfer and Cate went on a few errands and I played at home with Gryffindor's youngest seeker. Yes, I think I am so clever.

like mother, like daughter

This little scene made me think that perhaps Cate and I are related after all! I do this exact thing. Line the books up, wrap myself in a blanket and read for a bit. 


And finally, I am in love with this new book, Dinner: A Love Story. Missy, I almost mailed this to you but I restrained myself as Henry is not old enough for this to be relevant but you would love it (for the record). I have written about our trials with family dinner before but this book is giving me the encouragement I need to keep at it and try new approaches.

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2 thoughts on “All over the place

  1. You are so clever.. and cate must be copying you… She’s not actually quite at that reading level, right? Cutest picture.


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