Father’s Day

father's day

For someone who cares very little for holidays in general, Father's Day in particular, Telfer had the perhaps the manliest Father's Day on record. Earlier in the week, I asked him what he wanted to do and he answered truthfully, "absolutely nothing." Ok! So we really weren't planning to do much besides go to church and then to Home Depot to pick out his present – a new lawn mower. He has been using an ancient lawn-mower we bought from our ancient neighbor in California. We were wondering how we were going to get the lawn mower from Home Depot to our house. So Telfer bought a truck to get it home. Seriously. Our upholsterer, who is also a neighbor, was selling his 1969 Chevy truck and Telfer bought it on Father's Day to get his lawn mower home. Awesome. 

post-ice cream walk

In other news, the girls and I have had a good week. It went by very fast – a good jumble of swim lessons and walks and trips to the gym and to Grammy's house. Telfer has had a busy week and now a busy weekend. I managed to get in a rainy walk with Henry down to the lake before Telfer was called in to give relief to laboring women. Cate is watching Bambi and Jane is curled up in my lap. She is down to just one nap (finally) but has a major mid-morning dip in energy. If we are out and about, she falls asleep in her car seat. At home she just snuggles. Actually wait, she is literally asleep. Poor baby. 

asleep in my lap - mid-morning

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