Preparation + Last Week

jane in the lego box

Good morning Jane! Jane likes to climb in little containers or boxes and just sit a bit. Apparently I did this too. Telfer is on his third day in a row of second call but somehow is home doing  yard work during naptime. He's been pretty busy but I think it's slowing down due to the holiday tomorrow. Now, if he was taking a nap or relaxing he would totally be called in. Keep working Telfer!

cousins having a picnic in our yard

We are hosting 4th of July celebrations at our house. Austin is in town for a couple of days to visit his family. I haven't really said much about this but Austin & Adrielle & children are in the process of moving back to Olympia. Adrielle and the kids have been here for a few months already but Austin is still extricating himself from the Marines and selling their house in California. Needless to say, his visit is a blessed event. So Telfer and I are making lots of food to celebrate his visit and the 4th. We will see how Cate does with the fireworks. She still doesn't like loud noises but I think we have talked it up enough that the screaming at least will decrease from last year.

doll bedding my mom made

Mom and Dad visited most of last week and I am still in the recovery process. We stayed up really late two nights in a row (one of those nights we went to see Les Mis in Seattle) and suddenly I am too old to stay up so late. We had such a good time with them and Mom made the doll bedding for the girls. I picked out the fabric and found the little bed a couple of weeks ago at an estate sale (is anyone else so depressed by estate sales?) and Mom whipped up a sheet and a pillow and a mattress cover. Cate loves it.  

cate & gresham

This is Cate and Gresham at the farmer's market. They greet one another like it's been months rather than two days apart. They hug and kiss and then dance to the folk band at the farmer's market. Both have separate fits over the timing of a cupcake. I kind of shudder to think of an actual romance between the two of them. It could be epic.

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