The Girls + Dinner

This is Cate at the farmer's market on Friday. Oh look, she's eating an apple. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER.  Well, not the first time she's had an apple but the first time she actually bit into it and ate it whole without her mother having to peel it and slice it very thinly. Go Cate. We celebrated with a gingerbread girl cookie.


Jane is having a few monumentous (a made-up word that we overuse because we think we are funny) moments lately. On Saturday she actually sat still long enough to paint with her sister (with lots of supervision). And then on Sunday we converted her high chair into a toddler chair. Now we can all sit at the table together with a girl on each end.

painting big girl chair

Telfer took these pictures on Saturday and I think they are so great. This is Jane when Daddy takes away her binkie:

no binkie!

And now this is Jane when Daddy gives the binkie back:binkie!

And one last thing. Telfer worked last night and so I had my perfect dinner (Telfer doesn't like tomatoes or olives. Oh Telfer, how much you miss):

an andrea type of dinner

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One thought on “The Girls + Dinner

  1. I saw Jane with T on Sunday and was amazed at how much she has grown – plus she and Cate really have the sister look now. Such a cutie!


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