A Mad Dash


I am not sure what I am doing. I haven't blogged for two weeks, totally procrastinating, and then suddenly, the day before we leave for Cannon Beach for a week, I am sitting here during naptime, the only quiet time I have to get things done and I am thinking, I MUST WRITE ON THE BLOG. I also haven't showered in two days and I have worked out both days so I am not looking the best. My point being: there are so many more basic things I should be doing instead of posting. But here we go!

Here's what we have been up to:

Elizabeth turned 30 and the nuclear family celebrated in Seattle for the weekend. Alyssa had not yet visited Elizabeth's neighborhood nor seen her apartment so it was especially fun introducing her to Liz's favorite spots. Alyssa and I spent the night with my parents in a downtown hotel room and I will say how strange it is to sleep with your parents and sister in a room when you are 34 years old. 

whole family

We brunched at Oddfellows, took the Duck tour, consumed Top Pot donuts and did a little shopping. My dad was so nice about the shopping though! Dad EVEN bought a pair of TOMS shoes at Nordstrom's. I about fell off my chair. On Sunday we went to Elizabeth's church in the morning (wonderful) and soon after went our separate ways. We had such a good time together.

jane drives the boat

Last Thursday afternoon Telfer rented a boat and took our family and Sherry and Maresa and the kids out for a two-hour boat ride at a Marina close to Olympia. We saw seals and crabs and the air is so fresh and the scenary so beautiful. I can't believe I live here. I also think I could get quite used to riding on boats. It was so fun! Cate and Jane are slightly scary – speed doesn't deter them – why sit in the seat or on Mama's lap when you can lurch around the boat?


On Monday we went up to Seattle for our usual Top Pot Donuts + Aquarium run and we stopped by the new Seattle ferris wheel for a ride. Somehow we timed it just right and waited in line a mere 10 minutes. The girls loved it. 

And now we are getting ready for a week at the beach with my family. We are renting a big house and it will be a beachy time. I had to make a run for more sunscreen and about 300 other things. Getting ready for a vacation like this where you're planning to make most of your own food is a lot of…well, work. So hopefully we can feel like we are on vacation once we are there? That is the hope!

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