Fifth Night & Other News

jane is in a big girl bed! by telfandrea
jane is in a big girl bed!, a photo by telfandrea on Flickr.

Tonight is the fifth night that Jane has been sleeping in her big girl bed! I decided on a whim on Sunday night that she was ready and she thought it was absolutely the best idea ever. Not surprisingly, it was Cate that had a hard time adjusting. Oh Cate. Potty-training for Jane is also going quite well with notable, amazing exceptions. I do feel like I am living in the bathroom and am basically a professional skittle dispenser.

grandma & grandpa playset by telfandrea
grandma & grandpa playset, a photo by telfandrea on Flickr.

Nana gave the girls this little grandma & grandpa playset scene for Christmas. It makes me laugh a little. Sensible shoes, the popcorn, the checkers table and little grandma and grandpa. Barbie Dream House this is not. But Cate & Jane love it. Cate napped in our bed with the whole set the other day and everything was so nicely arranged on my nightstand when I woke her up.

Can I just say I am so happy the holidays are over? I finally feel like I am settling into both working and staying home. After yesterday, I realized I do need to modulate my expectations for my days off. The girls and I made cookies together, we did projects, we played a really, really fun (and beautiful) bird bingo game I got the girls for Christmas, I tried to do laundry and vacuum and run and potty train and have a tea party. And then I never left the house and Telfer got home hours later than he thought he would. Sigh. Maybe it’s okay if we don’t quite pack everything in on one day.

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