Don’t bite your friends!

don't bite your friends! by telfandrea
don’t bite your friends!, a photo by telfandrea on Flickr.

I took this at a local coffee shop because I knew the girls would love it. We all remember a kid that bites from our childhood. Mine was Lanae Hull who lived across the street, liked to eat butter, and bit me on the stomach (awkward spot to bite someone). Thankfully, Yo Gabba Gabba has helped us move beyond the biting stage with Cate. Seriously, I think this little song helped a lot.

potty-training adventures by telfandrea
potty-training adventures, a photo by telfandrea on Flickr.

Both girls have had bad colds the last week or so but seem to be getting better. Cate, mid-cold, is the most dramatic child I have ever known. She screams bloody murder in the middle of the night and then tells us “my nose is stuffy.” Almost very funny. This is Jane in the midst of potty-training. It’s going okay. She likes the idea of being a big girl. I do not necessarily see the end in sight.

nolan lee hanson by telfandrea
nolan lee hanson, a photo by telfandrea on Flickr.

Nolan Lee Hanson made his safe arrival last Thursday. Nate and Claire and Nolan. A family of three now. We are enamored with this little boy. All of the sudden, all these sweet baby boys in our family!

Cate’s handwriting is improving all the time. I love watching her learn and figure things out. She has been so cuddly and sweet now that her cold has abated. I took a quick trip to Portland on Thursday to meet with a fellow librarian and then met RaChelle for happy hour before I came home. Of course I went to Powell’s. I bought the girls a new Elephant & Piggie book and this sweet board book. Julie Morstad is one of my favorite illustrators right now.  We have so enjoyed reading both.

This morning though has been one of those mornings where I find myself yelling “please don’t yell at your sister!” The irony is not lost on me. Telfer worked all night and is upstairs taking a nap and the girls and I are about to head off to the gym. Exercise and an outing all-in-one. Yes.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t bite your friends!

  1. Claire bit me on the back. I think she was 1. I remember lying in bed with ice on my back. Should be harder to get a good bite in on a back than a stomach, right?


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