A good week

Cate took this picture with my phone. She no longer needs a nap most days but we have her take a rest time in our guest room. Yesterday, the Calico Critters were going on a field trip and it was very involved. I was reading on the sofa in the living room and half-listening to Cate in involved play. Pretty sweet.

daddy and cate at casa mia by telfandrea
daddy and cate at casa mia, a photo by telfandrea on Flickr.

Another good week. About once a month we go to Casa Mia for dinner after work and preschool on Tuesday nights. It’s a good tradition. Our kids learn how to eat in a restaurant that’s not fast food but not fancy either AND we don’t have to cook spaghetti. I hate making spaghetti at home. Isn’t that kind of weird? It dirties so many pans and doesn’t taste that great to me. But the girls love. I realize I am not normal.

two is enough for me by telfandrea
two is enough for me, a photo by telfandrea on Flickr.

Telfer took this last night – right after a rousing game of Bird Bingo. Jane is making a lot of progress on the potty training. I will spare you most of the details but for a week or so I thought she might have a pull-up in first grade. Telfer is home all weekend and we are just hanging out, getting ready to go to the gym. It’s bright and clear and beautiful here today. You can sense Spring might indeed be around the corner on a day like today. I am reading Arcadia by Lauren Groff and I think it’s amazing. Just for the record.

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