February is here

reading together by telfandrea
reading together, a photo by telfandrea on Flickr.

Cate woke me at 6:30 this morning by whispering/yelling in my ear “MOM, can I have a playdate today? Can Gresham come over? Can those girls from life group come over? Can my cousins come over?” Ah! So Gresham is coming over here in a bit. We have already played ballet, babies and bird bingo all before 9:00 AM. We might need Gresham to keep things moving.

I feel like everyone I know is sick. Last night we had a baby shower for Sherry and Malachai at Mendy’s house and a big chunk of the invited group ended up sick and couldn’t come. I don’t think Sherry will like any of the pictures I took so I won’t post them. It was a good night though. In other news, Cate had her first ear infection this week. I think Jane has one too. Pink medicine for everyone! So far, Telfer and I have escaped.

  by telfandrea
, a photo by telfandrea on Flickr.

In book news, Telfer got me this book for Christmas and I finally read it this week: The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories (volume 2). It’s so sweet and fun. A perfect gift. I loved this story. Sad music makes me happy too. I went to ALA midwinter last Saturday just to the exhibits and picked up a bunch of free books. I saw Julie Morstad at the Simply Read Books booth and she signed her new book, How To, for the girls. That was probably the best part of going to ALA. That and the librarian watching. Seriously fabulous people-watching opportunities.

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