A Big (and Long) Weekend

Jane had a big weekend – she threw away her binkies and last night was her first night back in her big girl bed. I think it will stick this time. However, this picture was taken the fourth trip down the stairs after bedtime. By this time, all my goodwill was kind of exhausted. Jane looks slightly crazy and Cate has her manipulative face on. I can’t remember why they came down this time – thirsty? or Jane was making bird noises? I don’t know. They ended up falling asleep shortly after I took the picture.

“Holiday” weekends are exhausting when you have young children. The weather was really bad. Telfer was on call so we didn’t have much planned but then he wasn’t that busy so it was not the best weekend in the world but it was long? Yeah?

Teenage Chickens at roost by telfandrea
Teenage Chickens at roost, a photo by telfandrea on Flickr.

This is a terrible picture of our chickens but here they are: Penny, Pip, Tilly, and Bunny. Jane named Bunny. I named the other three after the mice siblings in Kevin Henkes’ Penny trilogy. Our chickens are starting to look like awkward teenagers. In about two weeks they can move to the chicken house in our backyard but for now they are still in the basement. Telfer fixed up a roost for them this weekend and they are happily roosting in the picture. Apart from the one time I caught Jane drinking the chicken’s water (I KNOW), Telfer and I are absolutely loving having chickens. And they don’t even lay eggs yet!

family day in seattle by telfandrea

family day in seattle, a photo by telfandrea on Flickr.

We had such a wonderful family day (it’s not all doom and gloom around here, I promise) in Seattle last weekend. Elizabeth took a few photos and we had such a good time at Melrose Market & Molly Moon’s. I love living only an hour away from such a beautiful city.

In other news, I read The Still Point of the Turning World: A Mother’s Story by Emily Rapp which should be required reading for basically everyone. It kind of blew my heart up and has given me much to think over. Yesterday I read most of Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and am liking it – breezy but well done. A Penguin rep at ALA recommended it and he did not lead me astray. I would basically eat my own foot to be able to actually finish it tonight but I am off to be a responsible mother and friend!

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3 thoughts on “A Big (and Long) Weekend

  1. Love the pic of the girls — their faces are priceless. Added The Still Point of the Turning World to my ‘to read’ list. But, TransAtlantic first!


  2. Cate looks 12 here…this is not okay. The family picture needs to be blown up and framed, I LOVE it. Adding the book to my list…


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