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Happy Summer! We are alive and doing well. An update:

This is on my mind lately. This summer I have been trying to leave my phone inside the house. I put my work email on my phone a few months which is probably one of the dumbest things I have ever done. But! If I leave my phone inside I can’t check it every five seconds. I am working on being more present with the girls. 

The hammock has found a home in Olympia! The girls look at this picture and Jane thinks it’s me every time. No honey, those are Daddy’s legs, not Mommy’s. I shave my legs remember? This has been the summer of the yard. We have put up a fence, a chicken coop, have grown tons and tons of lettuce and vegetables and have a patio in the back. We have eaten dinner outside every night for more than a month. The TV has stayed off and we are all getting massive doses of Vitamin D.

The chickens are so fun. They have been outside now for a month or so. We let them out in the early evenings to peck around the yard. Henry follows them around and every night at about 8:15 they all go back in the coop, climb the ladder upstairs and snuggle together for the night. Henry goes in and looks up at them and I think he would snuggle up there with the chickens if he could. One drawback: the amount of chicken poop on our patio is staggering. 

The girls are doing so well. Cate is really into coloring this summer. Her attention span is intense. Jane is looking like a 3-year-old more with each passing day and is quite funny. She went through a period where she was coming down the stairs multiple times a night but we figured out she can’t actually open her bedroom door…you can guess what we decided to do. She is nothing if not persistent.

Telfer and I celebrated our twelfth wedding anniversary and went to Astoria for three nights. Maresa came from Kansas City to watch the girls. We had a fabulous time. We hiked the Fort to Sea Trail, ate really good food (also still dreaming about Bowpicker’s fish & chips), stayed at a fun hotel and loved walking in Ft. Stevens State Park. We have had a packed few months and so it was kind of a necessary time away.

I could go on and on! Oh! We had a lovely visit with Anna and Amanda a few weeks ago. RaChelle is due with her second baby girl at any second. Alyssa and Nate are coming next weekend. I have read so many good books lately. And eaten such good food! Another day. If I posted more than once every two months…

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