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By far, my favorite book this summer has been Life After Life by Kate Atkinson. I can’t really describe it – I tried to explain the plot to Eleanor but felt like an idiot. Basically, the same character is born and then dies in a variety of ways. Every life builds on the last and the choices that she makes and others make around her influence a variety of outcomes. That sounds clinical and a little too clever but it really, really worked for me. I think you would know after 25 pages if it’s your thing or not. Beautiful writing too. I had a cold on the 4th of July and this novel just got into my blood. I literally could not stop reading it.

Anyway! I updated two book pages on the blog (see top). One is a faithful book log of everything I have read since I graduated from college in 2001. It cracks me up. I left the James Patterson up there as well as the totally embarrassing amount of times I have read Persuasion. And, I am listening to it again as we speak. The other book page is to be very, very short reviews of books I have read. I have been doing this since May. I have kept a book journal since 2001 but I just can’t keep up with it anymore. This is my compromise. Hopefully I can manage to keep it updated…

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