I can be the teeniest bit uptight at times, but I will say, I am free and easy with the band-aid distribution in our house. The girls get a slight bump or scrape (or not) and scream for a band-aid? I say yes! Band-aids for everyone! They cost way less than a nickel and make my girls stop screaming. Like immediately. Both Cate and Jane know they can have only one at a time unless both knees are involved. They can reach the special band-aid jar all by themselves. They know that throwing away the wrapping is an essential part of the process. We buy princess band-aids and fairy band-aids and toy story band-aids and hello kitty band-aids. If you have an owie, you know where to come.

Parenting has so many nos. So many. It’s nice to say yes! you can have a band-aid!

Published by Andrea Y. Griffith

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